Discover Some of the Wonderful Benefits of Home Renovations in Calgary

Calgary home renovations offer several benefits including increased levels of comfort and custom spaces that meet the needs of all family members.

Calgary has recently made the news due to what can only be called an unprecedented boom in relation to the construction of new homes. It is important to keep in mind, however, that renovations on an existing property can offer some wonderful benefits.

Cost Savings

One of the first areas to address is that as opposed to new construction, renovating a property is usually a much more cost-effective option. This is an ideal alternative for those who cannot afford a new home and yet still need to alter their spaces to better meet the changing needs of their family. Couples expecting a child or empty nesters looking to change the use of some of their rooms are just two examples of when a renovation can come in handy.


Property Renovation Around Calgary: A Look at Bathroom Renovations

Renovating bathrooms in Calgary is an excellent way to add a bit of appeal to any home while lowering monthly bills within a relatively short amount of time. There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas within any home. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that bathroom renovations are quite popular for a number of reasons. What are a handful of advantages that such projects can offer?

Utility Bills

One overlooked benefit of a bathroom renovation is that companies will normally make use of modern fixtures and taps. Currently, the average residential property can expect to pay approximately $17.57 dollars per month in terms of water usage. This can quickly add up over time, particularly if one has a large family and the appliances within a bathroom are considerably old. Low-flow shower heads and similar systems will help to reduce the amount of waste water. This can assuredly lower bills over time.


Property Renovations in Calgary: Why Consider Basement Renovations?

Basement renovations are an excellent way to transform an area of the home that may not be used often and lower level developments will also increase the value of most properties.

Renovating a basement can be a great idea for anyone who is looking to increase the appeal and the value of their property. There are several reasons why one would choose such a project. For example, some renovation companies in Calgary help homeowners renovate their basement space prior to the sale of their property, while others may be looking to offer additional living space for their growing family. In this article we explore the advantages basement renovations can offer.

Rental Considerations in Calgary

Rental prices within the Calgary city centre can be as high as $2,295 dollars per month. Rental income can be advantageous for an owner who requires an additional revenue source. Subletting a basement apartment provides liquidity that may otherwise not have been possible.


Plan, Pack, and Patience: Three Tips on Surviving Kitchen Renovations

Ensure that you have a start date, completion date and cost guaranteed with the builder you are hiring for your kitchen renovation. You will need to decide if you will be staying in your home for the duration of the renovation; if this is the case, you will need to make arrangements for creating a temporary kitchen set-up while the renovated area is unusable. If you have a wide circle of family and friends nearby, plan to have meals at their houses, or find a nearby restaurant that will not be too expensive if you go there several times during the kitchen remodeling. Keep some food and refreshments in the living or dining room for the duration of the project, so you can still eat and hydrate yourself whenever necessary.


Home Renovation Checklist to Help You Prepare For a Successful Outcome

Once you’ve done all the necessary planning, have a clear project scope and have signed the necessary contracts with your contractor, you will need to finalize a few personal arrangements. This may include finding storage space for any bulky items of furniture and/or keepsakes that need to be removed prior to the renovation. As well, it is imperative you talk to your renovator to find out if the scope of your project makes it feasible to live in your home while the renovation is under way. A full home renovation makes this difficult but there are some cases where this can be accommodated. Otherwise, you will need to account for accommodations within your planning and budget, for the duration of your renovation.

Synergistic planning and communication between yourself and your renovation company such as Calgary home renovations expert Pinnacle Group will result in a successful home transformation with minimal oversites.


Bathroom Renovations: Things Every Calgary Homeowner Should Consider

Another important factor to consider is the time you have available. Many people underestimate the duration it takes to complete a proper renovation; even for smaller areas like bathrooms. Although a bathroom renovation does not have the same project scope as a full home renovation, room specific renovations still require a succinct plan and can take time to execute. Make sure you have thoroughly discussed your requirements with the bathroom renovations company you are hiring so they can give you a realistic completion date within your budget.

Before starting a bathroom renovation, your builder should have completed a detailed analysis of the space to uncover any construction details that could influence the renovation. All plumbing and engineering considerations must be accounted for prior to the start of your project to avoid any project delays or unforeseen costs.


Leading Renovation Companies in Calgary Ensure Quality and Compliance

Embarking on a full home renovation project is not as straightforward as browsing a few renovation companies in Calgary and randomly picking a contractor to handle all aspects of the project. If you want everything to go smoothly during your project, first and foremost you need to pick a builder that you feel you can innately trust and that will collaborate and communicate with you from start to finish.