Home Renovation Checklist to Help You Prepare For a Successful Outcome

Once you’ve done all the necessary planning, have a clear project scope and have signed the necessary contracts with your contractor, you will need to finalize a few personal arrangements. This may include finding storage space for any bulky items of furniture and/or keepsakes that need to be removed prior to the renovation. As well, it is imperative you talk to your renovator to find out if the scope of your project makes it feasible to live in your home while the renovation is under way. A full home renovation makes this difficult but there are some cases where this can be accommodated. Otherwise, you will need to account for accommodations within your planning and budget, for the duration of your renovation.

Synergistic planning and communication between yourself and your renovation company such as Calgary home renovations expert Pinnacle Group will result in a successful home transformation with minimal oversites.


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